Common Spiders Colorado

Encountering common spiders within Colorado’s diverse ecosystem is a frequent experience. Most spiders serve a valuable role in controlling insect populations and are generally harmless. It’s crucial to differentiate those that might pose a threat. For example, the black widow spider is prevalent in the region, and capable of delivering a venomous bite that could result in discomfort or medical attention. A comprehensive understanding of the behaviors and characteristics of common Colorado spiders empowers residents to coexist with these arachnids. If uncertainties regarding a spider’s identification arise, seek the guidance of local pest experts at Elevated Pest Control.

common cat-faced spider colorado
A Common Cat-Faced Spider in Laporte

A Notweorthy Spider in Colorado

Ideally, your focus should rest on spiders that could potentially pose health risks through their bites. In this context, recognizing the black widow becomes paramount. While they are often discovered outside in Colorado, indoor encounters remain infrequent. The distinctive red hourglass marking on the underside of a female’s abdomen is hard to miss yet glimpses of this area are rare. Their glossy black, rounded abdomen, comparatively larger than their head and legs, is another distinguishing feature. Identifying a black widow’s web often precedes spotting the spider itself. Characterized by their exceptional strength, their webs deviate from the conventional funnel or spiral orb pattern, appearing as a disorganized mess. While other common Colorado spiders might cause discomforting bites when provoked, these incidents rarely necessitate medical attention and aren’t considered venomous.

black widow
Female Black Widow

Effective Strategies for Common Spider Prevention at Home Before You Spray

Mitigating spider populations within your home can be accomplished by sealing gaps around the foundation. siding, windows, and doors. Furthermore, reducing the prevalence of insects indoors contributes to fewer spiders. Additionally, creating an environment less conducive to spiders and insects involves maintaining a distance between landscaping, vegetation, and the foundation. Furthermore, refrain from storing items up against the home that could provide habitat for spiders.

common orb weaver spider colorado
The Cat-faced Spider is a Common Orb Weaver in Northern Colorado

Efficacy of Professional Pest Control for Common Spiders in Colorado

If the previous strategies prove impractical for your specific circumstances, consider seeking professional spider control services. Typically, these services encompass exterior applications using liquids or granules, coupled with the removal or disturbance of existing spider webs in and around the premises. While exterior applications yield optimal results, I may recommend selective interior applications, especially if there’s a low tolerance for spiders or already a substantial indoor population. Feel free to reach out to us at Elevated Pest Control for personalized guidance tailored to your needs. When I spray a home for spiders, I’ll recommend exterior habitat modifications and sealing opportunities that may extend the amount of time between services.

common funnel web spider colorado
Funnel Web spider

Are There Brown Recluse Spiders in Colorado?

The short answer is no. Brown Recluse spiders are common in states throughout the South, but they are rarely found in Colorado. They can be brought to Northern Colorado via moving boxes or stored items. Nevertheless, the few that are introduced don’t do well in our climate and are unable to survive the winter.